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Paul BUSH (1956, UK) was educated in Fine Art at Goldsmiths College in London. He joined the London Film-makers' Co-op in the 1980s and has been producing experimental films ever since, which have been shown worldwide. His films cross the boundaries between documentary, fiction and animation. He has been teaching at renowned art and film academies since 2001. There have been retrospective programmes on Bush in Ghent, Turin, Bogota, Budapest, Montreal, Bristol and London. In 2012, IFFR screened his first feature film Babylon.


(selection) The Cow's Drama (1984, short doc), So Many, So Magnificent (1987, short, TV), Lost Images (1990, short, TV), Forgetting (1990, short), Lake of Dreams (1992, short), His Comedy (1994, short, TV), Still Life with Small Cup (1995, short, TV), The Rumour of True Things (1996, short, TV), The Albatross (1998, short, TV), Furniture Poetry (1999, short, TV), Flik-Flak (2000, TV series, co-dir), Jekyll and Hyde (2001, short), Pas de Deux de Deux (2001, short), Lie Detector (2001, short), Busby's Berkeley's Tribute to Mae West (2002, short), Secret Love (2002, short), Geisha Grooming (2003, short, co-dir), While Darwin Sleeps (2004, short), Shinjuku Samurai (2004, short), Paul Bush Talks (2005, short), Central Swiss (2006, short), Babeldom (2012), Lay Bare (2012, short), The Five Minute Museum (short), Elegy (2017, short)  

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Paul Bush at IFFR

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