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Péter LICHTER (1984, Hungary) studied film history and theory at the ELTE University in Budapest and wrote his PhD thesis on the relationship between American avant-garde cinema and science fiction. Since 2002, Lichter has been making abstract found footage films, lyrical documentaries and experimental features. He also wrote several books on film and teaches at the Department of Film and Visual Studies of the University of Pécs in Budapest.


Éjszakai elöadás/Slow Midnight Show (2004, short), Station West (2005, short), 77 év déjà vu/77 Years of Déja Vu (2006, short), FéLáLom/Light-Sleep (2009, short), Cazetta (2011, short doc), Look Inside the Ghost Machine (2012, short), No Signal Detected (2013, short), Rimbaud (2014, short doc), Polaroids (2015, short doc), Pure Virtual Function (2015, short), 2016. október 8./8th October 2016 (2015, short), Non-Places: Beyond the Infinite (2016, short doc), Some of the Sensations (2017, short, co-dir) Fagyott május/Frozen May (2017), Le Pont Mirabeau: Guillaume Apollinaire (2018, short), The Rub (2018, co-dir), Nutrition Fugue (2018, short), George's Poem (2018, short), Empty Horses/Üres lovak (2019)

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Péter Lichter at IFFR

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