Oleg Mavromatti

Oleg Mavromatti

Oleg MAVROMATTI (1965, Russsia) has been making films since 1989. During the 1990s, he was a leading figure in the radical Moscow performance art scene. Mavromatti is the founder of the independent film group SUPERNOVA, with which he makes films and performances critical of society.


Chervi Benettona/Benetton Worms (1989), Odinadtsat pisem vnutr/Eleven Internal Letters (1995), Ne istite etu peredachu v programme/Don't Look for this Show in the Programma (1995), Tainaya estetika marsianskih shpionov/The Secret Aesthetic of the Martian Spies 1, 2, 3 (1997-1999), Holst/maslo/Oil on Canvas (2000), Viblyadki/Bastards (2000), X Mask (2000) Naj-goliamoto kiyfte v sveta/The Biggest Meatball in the World (2001), The Rats are Leaving the Shop (2002), ULTRAFUTORO Manifest (2005), Blind Spot (2007), No Place for Fools (2015)

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