Olaf de Fleur Johannesson

Olaf de Fleur JOHANNESSON (1975, Iceland), a.k.a. Olaf de Fleur, studied Physics in Reykjavik. After graduating in 1995, he participated in several film and television projects. Continuing his career, he founded the independent production company Poppoli Pictures in 2003. Olaf de Fleur's feature debut The Amazing Truth About Queen Raquela was awarded worldwide. His Brave Men's Blood has its world premiere in IFFR 2015.


Blindsker: Saga Bubba Morthens/Shining Star (2004, doc), Africa United (2005, doc), Act Normal (2006, doc), The Amazing Truth About Queen Raquela (2008), Stora Planid/The Higher Force (2008), Hringfarar/Circledrawers (2009, TV), Polite People/Kurteist fólk (2011), Adequate Beings (2011, doc), Borgríki/City State (2011), Borgríki 2/Brave Men's Blood (2015)