Nicolas Provost

Nicolas Provost at IFFR

Nicolas PROVOST (1969, Belgium) is a filmmaker and visual artist currently living in New York. He graduated in 1994 from Ghent's Royal Art Academy of Fine Arts. He spent the last two years of his studies as an exchange student experimenting with video in Norway, where he lived for eight more years. His work has earned a long list of awards and screenings at prestigious festivals.


Need Any Help? (2000, short), Madonna with Child (2001, short), Pommes d'amour (2001, short), I Hate This Town (2002, short), Yellow Mellow (2002, short), Bataille (2003, short), Papillon d'amour/Butterfly of Love (2003, short), Oh Dear (2004, short), Exoticore (2004, short), The Divers (2006, short), Induction (2006, short), Suspension (2007, short), Gravity (2007, short), Plot Point (2007, short), Long Live the New Flesh (2009, short), Storyteller (2010, short), Abstract Action (2010, short), Stardust (2010, short), Moving Stories (2011, short), The Invader (2011), Tokyo Giants (2013, short), The Dark Galleries (2013, short), The Painters (2014, short), llumination (2014, short), The Invader and The Origine of The World (2014, short), The Perfect Wave (2014), Ego (2016, short), The Invader and the Origin of the World (2017, short)

Nicolas Provost at IFFR

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