Mika Taanila

Mika Taanila at IFFR

Mika TAANILA (1965, Finland) graduated in Video from Lahti University of Applied Sciences. He is based in Helsinki and works as a filmmaker and artist in the fields of documentary, avant-garde filmmaking and visual arts. Many of his films and installations deal with utopias in historical and contemporary science. For several years, Taanila was a programmer at Avanto, until 2009 an important festival in Finland for experimental films. His work has been shown at numerous international film festivals and solo and group exhibitions. His film Six Day Run was nominated in 2013 for a Tiger Award for Short Films.


(selection) Thank You for the Music - Elokuva muzakista/Thank You for the Music - A Film About Muzak (1997, short), Futuro - tulevaisuuden olotila/Futuro - A New Stance for Tomorrow (1998, short doc), RoboCup99 (2000, short), Tulevaisuus ei ole entisensä/The Future Is Not What It Used To Be (2002, short), Fysikaalinen rengas/A Physical Ring (2002, short), Stimulus Progression (Rotterdam) (2005, instal), Optinen ääni/Optical Sound (2005, short), Sommerreise/A Summer Trip (2006, short), Täydellisen pimennyksen vyöhyke/The Zone of Total Eclipse (2006, instal), Puijo (2010, short), Laitos (2010, short), Ihminen ja tiede (2011), Pneuma (2011), The Most Electrified Town in Finland (2012, instal), Kuuden päivän juoksu/Six Day Run (2013, short), My Silence (2013, short), SSEENNSSEESS (2013, instal), Return of The Atom (2015, doc, co-dir), Tectonic Plate (2016, short), The World (2017, short)

Mika Taanila at IFFR

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