Michael Almereyda

Michael ALMEREYDA (1960, USA) dropped out after three years of studying art history at Harvard University to make films. Besides being a filmmaker, he is screenwriter and producer. He has collaborated with directors including Wim Wenders and Bruce Beresford. Almereyda’s films range across various genres, styles and formats. International Film Festival Rotterdam has screened many of his films. He regularly publishes essays in The New York Times, Film Comment and Artforum. His film Marjorie Prime (2016) and documentary Escapes (2016) will both be shown at IFFR 2017. He will also be one of the judges for the Hivos Tiger Competition. 


(selection) A Hero of Our Time (1985, short), Twister (1989), Another Girl, Another Girl Another Planet (1992), Aliens (1993, short), Nadja (1994), At Sundance (1995), The Rocking Horse Winner (1997, short), Trance (1998), Hamlet (2000), Happy Here And Now (2002), This So-Called Disaster (2003), William Eggleston in the Real World (2005), New Orleans, Mon Amour (2008), Big River Blues (2008, doc), Tonight At Noon (2009), Paradise (2009, doc), The Great Gatsby in Five Minutes (2011, short), The Ogre's Feathers (2012, short), Skinningrove (2013, short), The Man Who Came Out Only at Night (2013, short), Cymbeline (2014), Experimenter (2015), Marjorie Prime (2016), Escapes (2016, doc)