Melanie Bonajo

Melanie BONAJO (1978, Netherlands) was educated in art at the Amsterdam Gerrit Rietveld Academie and in New York at the School of Visual Arts. She is a photographer, visual artist and filmmaker. She also writes books, initiates events and is in a band. Her latest work, Night Soil - Economy of Love, is nominated for a Tiger Award for Short Film at IFFR 2016.


(all short) Mr. and Mrs Mulder (1999), China (2000), Dynamo (2000), Hunting and Gathering (2009), The End of Color (2011), Pee on Presidents (2012), Diversion (2012), Manimal (2012), How to Get Closer to Nature Exercises Part 1 (2012), Private Life of Animals (2012), Woke Up As a Wolf (2014), Casting Cats for Saturday Night Love (2014), Night Soil - Fake Paradise (2014, doc), Night Soil - Economy of Love (2016, doc)