Max Almy

Max Almy at IFFR

Max ALMY (1948, USA) is a Los Angeles-based artist who uses video and computer techniques to create visual allegories of the impact of technology and mass-media culture on contemporary life. She began creating video installations in the mid 1970s and her works have been distinguished with several awards such as an Emmy from the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences, an NEA Visual Artist Fellowship, an AFI Independent Filmmaker's grant and a Western States Regional Media Arts Fellowship.


The 'I Love You' Tapes (1976, short), Modern Times (1979, short), Leaving the 20th Century (1982, short), Deadline (1981, short) Perfect Leader (1983, short), Works Station (1984, short), Utopia (1984, short, co-dir), Lost in the Pictures (1985, short), Death in Space (1986, instal) The Drake's Equation (1986, short), Thinker (1989, short)

Max Almy at IFFR

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