Matthias Müller

Matthias Müller at IFFR

Matthias MÜLLER (1961, Germany) is an experimental filmmaker. He studied at the University of Bielefeld and the Braunschweig School of Art. Müller lives in both Bielefeld and Cologne and has been working in film, video and photography since 1980, often in collaboration with Christoph Girardet.


(all short, selection) Home Stories (1990), Alpsee (1994), Vacancy (1998), Phoenix Tapes (1999, co-dir), Nebel/Fog (2000), Manual (2002, co-dir), Beacon (2002, co-dir), Play (2003, co-dir), Album (2004, instal), Mirror (2004, co-dir), Ray (2004, co-dir), Catch (2005, co-dir), Ground (2005, co-dir), Hide (2006, co-dir), Kristall (2006, co-dir), Contre-jour (2009, co-dir), Meteor (2011, co-dir), Cut (2013, co-dir), personne (2016, co-dir), Screen (2018, co-dir)

Matthias Müller at IFFR

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