Matt McCormick

Matt MCCORMICK (1972) lives in Portland, Oregon. He makes abstract films by combining found and original sounds and images. He makes shorts films, installations, experimental documentaries and videoclips. He is also a distributor for experimental films.


The Vyrotonin Decision (1999, short), Sincerely, Joe P. Bear (1999, short), The Subconscious Art of Graffiti Removal (2001, short doc), Going to the Ocean (2003, short), American Nutria (2003, short), Towlines (2004, short doc), It Was a Crushing Defeat (2007, short), The Problem with Machines that Communicate (2008, short), Satellites (2008, video-installation), Light Tiger Eye (2009, short), Some Days Are Better Than Others (2010), Future So Bright (2011, short), The Great Northwest (2011, doc)