Matsui Daigo

Matsui Daigo

Still: Japanese Girls Never Die

MATSUI Daigo (1985, Japan) is a filmmaker and screenwriter, as well as founder and leader of the theatre group Gojigen. He debuted as a filmmaker with Afro Tanaka (2012). His other works include Sweet Poolside (2014) and How Selfish I Am! (2013). Wonderful World End (2014) was screened at Berlinale, and Our Huff and Puff Journey (2015) won two prizes at the Yubari IFFF. For both, he also won the Best New Director prize at the Tama Cinema Forum. Just Remembering (2022) received a Special Mention and the Audience Award at the Tokyo Grand Prix, while his most recent film, Hand (2022), is selected as part of IFFR 2023.


Just Right Happiness(2010), Afro Tanaka (2012), Danshi Kôkôsei no Nichijô/Daily Lives of High School Boys (2013), Jibun no Koto Bakaride Nasakenakunaruyo/How Selfish I Am! (2013), Suîto Pûrusaido/Sweet Poolside (2014), Wonderful World End (2014), Our Huff and Puff Journey (2015), Azumi Haruko Ha Yukuefumei/Japanese Girls Never Die (2016), Ice Cream and the Sound of Raindrops (2017), You, Your, Yours (2018), #HandballStrive (2020), The Supporting Actors in Byplaywood (2021), Remain in Twilight (2021), Chotto Omoidashita Dake/Just Remembering (2022), Te/Hand (2022)

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