Maroan el Sani

Maroan el Sani at IFFR

Maroan EL SANI (1966, Germany) is a visual artist and filmmaker based in Berlin who has been collaborating with Nina Fischer since 1995. She was an Associate Professor for Film and Media Art at Sapporo City University Japan between 2007 and 2010. The duo’s work has been shown at many museums and festivals including IFFR, Berlinale, Istanbul FF, Sydney Biennale, Liverpool Biennial of Contemporary Art, Manifesta 4 in Frankfurt, and Media City Seoul Biennale. Their short film Freedom of Movement (2018) will have its world premiere at IFFR 2019 where it is part of the Ammodo Tiger Short Competition.

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(selection, all co-dir) Be Supernatural (1995, short), Familyland (1996, short), Lumber (1997, short), Klub 2000 – Rom, Paris, Marzahn (1998, short), Tokio[sur]face – 10 Seconds Thinking About the Future (1998, short), Roma/Amor – 10 Seconds Thinking About the Future (1999, short), All Roads Lead to Rome – A Line Made by Driving (2000), See You Tomorrow (2001, short), Hong Kong Will Sing (2001, short), Palast der Republik - Weissbereich (2001, short), Fork Unstable Media (2001, short), Tokyo Star (2004), The Rise (2007, short), Sayonara Hashima (2008, short), The Line (2010, short), Narita Field Trip (2010, short), Impero dei segni (2011, short), Spirits Closing Their Eyes (2013), I Live in Fear After March 11 (2014, short), Identity’s Rule of Three (2016, short), Freedom of Movement (2018, short)

Maroan el Sani at IFFR

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