Mark Rappaport

Mark Rappaport at IFFR

Mark RAPPAPORT (1942, USA) is a filmmaker, whose work, including The Scenic RouteRock Hudson’s Home Movies, and Becoming Anita Ekberg, has been shown at the IFFR since 1974. From the Journals of Jean Seberg won the KNF- Circle of Dutch Film Critics Award in 1996. His writings on film have appeared extensively in the French film magazines Trafic and Cinéma. A collection of his writings, Le spectateur qui on savait trop, was published in 2008. His photomontages were also shown in New York, Nantes, Ghent and Las Palmas. Rappaport lives and works in Paris.


Blue Frieze (1966, short), Mur 19 (1966, short), Friends (1967, short), Bay of Angels (1968, short), The Stairs (1968, short), Persepolis (1969 - 1970, short), Chronicle (1970, short), Fluorescent (1971, short), Blue Streak (1971, short), Casual Relations (1973), Mozart in Love (1975), Local Color (1977), The Scenic Route (1978), Impostors (1980), Chain Letters (1985), Postcards (1990), Rock Hudson's Home Movies (1992), Exterior Night (1994), From the Journals of Jean Seberg (1995), Silver Screen/Color Me Lavender (1997), John Garfield (2002, short), The Vanity Tables of Douglas Sirk (2014, short), Becoming Anita Ekberg (2014, short), I, Dalio – or the Rules of the Game (2014, short doc), Our Stars (2015, short doc), Max & James & Danielle… (2015), The Circle Closes (2015), Debra Paget, For Example (2015), Tati vs. Bresson: the Gag (2016), The Boy Who Cried (2016), SERGEI/SIR GAY (2016, short), The Double Life of Paul Henreid (2017)

Mark Rappaport at IFFR

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