Marieke van der Lippe

Marieke van der Lippe

Marieke van der LIPPE (1965, Netherlands) studied at the Willem de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam. Since her graduation in 1992, she has been making video installations, artistic documentaries, video projections and performances. Van der Lippe focuses on the relationship between personal, social and political environments. Her visual work has been shown at Stedelijk, Macba and Art in General, among other places. The basis of her work is an interest in others, different backgrounds and perspectives. She is a regular guest at IFFR.


Ni drama ni tragedia (1994, doc), Souvenir de Frans, Blind Date (1996, short doc), Let Love Rule (1997, short), How to Heal a Broken Heart (1998, short doc), Vlaardingen 1998 (1998, short doc), Rapunzel (1999, instal), Maria (1999, instal), Salt (2000, instal), Questions and Answers (2000, short), Standplaats Volmarijnstraat / Habitat Volmarijnstraat (2001, short doc), The Gil & Moti Wedding Project (2001, short doc), Thuishaven, een requiem / Homeport a Requiem (2002, short doc), Nee, ik ben geen filmster / No I Am Not a Filmstar (2002, instal), If You Are a Stranger (2003, short), Ajeno de si (2004, instal), Ser todo oido y ojos (2004, instal), Zoonlief / Mother's boy (2004, short doc), One Way Ticket (2005, short), Idle Idol (2005, instal), Marc Bijl/Dark (2006, short doc), New (2007, short), Saut Samt (2008, short co-dir), Hanewaken (2008, instal), Theatre as Method (2009, short doc), Cascade (2010, short doc), Bleekneuzen / Pale Prospects (2011, short doc), Secret Gardens (2012, short doc), Tryptic MYSTICISM-ACTIVISM Pauluskerk (2014, instal), It Is Never Too Late to Say Sorry (2015, short doc), Mystic Resistance (2016, instal), The Missing Link (2018, instal), Refuge in Rotterdam (2019, short), The Machine (2020, short)

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