Marie Voignier

Marie VOIGNIER (1974, Ris-Orangis, France) moves between documentary and visual arts. Het work is shown at film festivals and art exhibitions alike, and has been awarded several prizes, for example the Prix des médiathèques for Hinterland. Voignier lives in Paris, where in 2010 her first solo exhibition was held in gallery Marcelle Alix. The Mokele-Mbembe Hypothesis is Voignier's first feature-length documentary.


Les fantômes (2004, short), Western DDR (2005, short), Le bruit du canon (2006, short), Un minimum de preuves (2007, short), Au travail (2008, short), Des trous pour les yeux (2009, short), Hinterland (2009, short doc), Hearing the Shape of a Drum (2010, short), L'hypothèse du Mokélé-Mbembé/The Mokele-Mbembe Hypothesis (2011, doc)