Marie Dauverné

Marie Dauverné at IFFR

Marie DAUVERNÉ (Canada) addresses racism, sexism, colonialism and other related '-isms' in her work. She describes the voice of her work as queer. Dauverné was educated at Concordia University and UQAM in Montreal. Her body of work consists of drawings, videos, installations and performances - often in collage style.


(all short) Les crevasses foisonnent de miniatures hérétiques/Crevasses Abound of Heretic Miniatures (2015), Le Petit Manuel de Désinstruction Bric-­à-­braquesque [...]/Hodgepodge Disinstruction Manual (2015), Les contagions barbares/The Barbarian Contagions (2015)

Marie Dauverné at IFFR

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