Maria Laura Spagnoli

Maria Laura SPAGNOLI (1960, Italy) studied history of music in Rome and worked on several operas and plays. In 1988 she started to co-operate with Werther Germondari. In 1990, in Rome, she attended a direction stage with director Nanni Loy, and she was admitted to the Rossini Opera Academy in Pesaro.


(all short, selection) E42 (1990), Una strada diritta lunga (1994, co-dir), Triedro (2000, co-dir), S=4pi r2 (2001, co-dir), Per Versum (2005, co-dir), Cinque caffe (2006, co-dir), Van amore (2008, co-dir), Fuori Target (2008, co-dir), Blue (sky) Movie (2008, co-dir), L'amore è nell'aria/Love Is in the Air (2010, co-dir)