Luther Price

Luther PRICE is a controversial American artist who has made several Super8 films, under his own name and aliases such as Fag and Tom Rhoads, often about the vulnerable and radical sides of the body, the family and society.


(all short) Green (1988), Sodom (1989), Clown (1991), Meat (1992), Bottle Can (1993), Eruption Erection (1994), Jellyfish Sandwich (1994), Run (1994), Roses and Red, Blood is Black (1995), Me Gut No Dog Dog (1995), Meat Situation 04 (1997), Mother (1998-99), Home (1999), Ritual 629 (1990-1999), Same Day Nice Biscotts (2005), The Mongrel Sister (2007), Singing Biscotts (2007), A Hallow Kiss for Mark LaPore (2008)