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Luisa MELLO is a documentary filmmaker and cinematographer from Rio de Janeiro. She holds a bachelor’s degree in cinema and a master’s degree in art and philosophy from Pontifical Catholic University. Furthermore she specialised in documentary filmmaking, studying at EICTV in Cuba and at DocNomads, from which she holds a joint master’s degree. She describes her filmic approach as one that combines observational cinema with fictional elements. Water and Salt has its international premiere at IFFR 2020.


(all short) Palhaços não choram/Clowns Do Not Cry (2012), D'ailleurs nous sommes français/We Are French (2013, doc), Achados e perdidos/Lost and Found (2014, doc), Canto (2015, doc), Dans la chambre d'Aphrodite/In Aphrodite's Room (2018), Semi úmido/Semi Umid (2019, doc), The Rest of the Yarn (2019, doc), Água e sal/Water and Salt (2020, doc)

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Luisa Mello at IFFR

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