Louis Henderson

Louis Henderson at IFFR

Louis HENDERSON (1983, United Kingdom) moved from Norwich to London in 2004 to study Film and Video at the London College of Communication. The focus in his work is to address and question our current global condition defined by racist capitalism and ever-present histories of the European colonial project. Since 2015 he has been collaborating with the curator, producer, writer and performer Olivier Marboeuf on a variety of projects including talks, exhibitions, screenings, workshops, a play, short films and the production of a feature film.


(all shorts, selection) A Video by Marcel Broodthaers (2010) , A Walk With Nigel (2009-10), Recreating Architectural Experience (2010), No voy a hablar de mi vida (2008), Appointment With a Revolution (2007, co-dir) , Richard De Marco: Memories of Art (2005, co-dir), Logical Revolts (2012), Lettres du voyant (2013), All That is Solid (2014), Black Code/Code noir (2015), The Sea Is History (2016), Sunstone (2018, short, co-dir)

Louis Henderson at IFFR

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