Liew Seng Tat

LIEW Seng Tat (1979, Malaysia) majored in 3D animation at the Multimedia University in Cyberjaya, the Silicon Valley of Malaysia. After directing a few short animations, he started focusing on live action and made a series of short films which stand out through their combination of absurdist humor and tenderness. Liew also works as a producer and is one of the founders of Da Huang Pictures. His feature debut Flower in the Pocket won a Tiger Award in 2008.


(selection) Bread Skin with Strawberry Jam (2003, short), Not Cool (2004, short), Flower (2005, short), Matahari (2006, short doc), Man in Love (2006, short), Daughters (2006, short), Flower in the Pocket (2007), Chasing Cats and Cars (2009, short), 15Malaysia (2009, omnibus film), HALAL (2010, short), Survival Guide untuk Kampong Radioaktif/Survival Guide for Radioactive Village (2011, short, co-dir), Lelaki harapan dunia/Men Who Save the World (2014)

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Project of fifteen short films, made by the new generation of Malaysian film makers. In a couple of minutes, they posit their vision of today's Malaysia. Among them is Yasmin Ahmad, who died suddenly in 2009, and who in her film comments on racial segregation.

Ho Yuhang, Yasmin Ahmad, James Lee, Woo Ming Jin, Amir Muhammad, Tan Chui Mui, Liew Seng Tat, Johan John, Khairil Bahar, Kamal Sabran, Desmond Ng, Linus Chung, Benji Lim, Bahir Yeusuff, Nam Ron, Jordan Suleiman, Mussadique Suleiman
  • 85'

  • Malaysia

IFFR 2010

European premiere