Lewis Klahr

Lewis KLAHR (1956, USA) is also called 'the reigning proponent of cut and paste'. He has been directing and writing films since 1977 and is known for his unique, experimental films and cut-out animations that have been shown worldwide. In 2010, his film Wednesday Morning Two A.M. won him a Tiger Award for Short Films at International Film Festival Rotterdam. The Moon Has Its Reasons (2012) was nominated for the prize for best short film at Rome Film Fest and the Tribeca Film Festival. Klahr is also a teacher at the Institute of Arts in California.


(selection) Her Fragrant Emulsion (1987, short), The Pharaoh's Belt (1993, short), Altair (1994, short), Downs Are Feminine (1994, short), Green '62 (1996, short), Lulu (1996, short), Calendar the Siamese (1997, short), Pony Glass (1998, short), Marietta's Lied (1998, short), Govinda (1999, short), Elsa Kirk (1999, short), A Failed Cardigan Maneuver (1999, short), Engram Sepals (2000, short), Daylight Moon (2002, short), The Aperture of Ghostings (2002, short), Two Minutes to Zero (2004, short), The Diptherians Episode Two: The Rhythm That Forgets Itself (2008, short), False Aging (2008, short), Wednesday Morning Two A.M. (2009, short), April Snow (2010, short), The Pettifogger (2011), Kiss the Rain (2012, short), The Street of Everlasting Rain (2012, short), The Moon Has Its Reasons (2012, short), Helen of T (2013, short), Ichor (2013, short), Orphacles (2013, short), The Occidental Hotel (2013, short), Mars Garden (2015, short), Sixty Six (2015)

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