Leslie Thornton

Leslie Thornton

Former professor Leslie THORNTON (1951, USA) is a pre-eminent experimental film and video maker, who lives in New York City. She has both fictional and non-fictional publications to her name, and has garnered several awards for her achievements as an artist.


Face (1974, short), X-TRACTS (1975, short), All Right You Guys (1976, short), Howard (1977, short), Fiddlers in May (1977, short), Minutiae (1979, short), noexitkiddo (1981, short), Jennifer, Where Are You? (1981, short), Adynata (1983, short), Oh, China, Oh (1983, short), Peggy and Fred in Hell: The Prologue (1985, short), 1,001 Eyes (1987, instal), She Had He So He Do He To Her (1987, short), Peggy and Fred in Kansas (1987, short), Peggy and Fred in Kansas (1987, short), There Was An Unseen Cloud Moving (1988, short), Peggy and Fred and Pete (1988, short), [Dung Smoke Enters The Palace] (1989, short), Introduction To The So-Called Duck Factory (1993, short), Strange Space (1993, short), The Last Time I Saw Ron (1994, short), Whirling (1996, short), The Problem So Far (1996, short), Old Worldy (1996, short), ...or lost (1997, short), The Haunted Swing (1998, short), Another Worldy (1999, short), Chimp For Normal Short (1999, short), Bedtime (2000, short), Quickly, Yet Too Slowly (2000, instal), Have a Nice Day Alone (2001, short), The Splendor (2001, short), Document of an Installation (2002, short), Bedtime v.2 (2002, short), Paradise Crushed (2002, short), Peggy and Fred on Television (2002), The Great Invisible (2002, doc), The 10,000 Hills of Language (2002, instal), Sahara Mojave (2006, short), Let Me Count the Ways: Minus 6 (2006, short), Data Tent (2006, instal), As the World Turns (2007, short), Minus 9 (2007, instal), The Expiration (2007, short), Novel City (2008, short), BOB-BOB (2009, instal), The Word for Melancholy (2009, instal), ((((( ))))) (2009, short), Photography Is Easy (2010, short), Binoculars (2010-2014, series), Golden Eyes (2010, short), Migrating Form Trailer (2010, short), Twice Removed (2011, short), SONGS One Two Three (2012, short), SNAPS (2013, series), LUNA (2013, series), Peggy and Fred in Hell (2013), The Fold (2013, short), Jennifer, Where Are You? (2014, short), Philosopher's Walk on the Sublime (2014, short), They Were Just People: an Excerpt (2015, short), Cut from Liquid to Snake (2018, short)

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