Laure Prouvost

Laure Prouvost at IFFR

Laure PROUVOST (1978, France) lives and works in London and is an artist and filmmaker. She was educated at Central St. Martins College of Arts and received an MFA at Goldsmith College. In 2009, she completed the LUX Associate Artists Programme. Her work includes painting, video and sound works. Prouvost has received multiple awards, among which the Turner Prize in 2013.


(all short, selection) Just Me and You (2003), We’ll See (2003), For a Better Life (2005), Owt (2007), Strong Story (2008), Burrow Me (2009), Monolog (2009), It, Heat, Hit (2010), The Artist (2010), The Wanderer (2012), The Wanderer Returns (2012), Wantee (2013), Swallow (2013), Grandma's Dream (2013), After After the End (2014), How to Make Money Religiously (2014), We Will Go Far (2105), Into All That Is Here (2015), If It Was (2015), Lick In the Past (2016), DIT LEARN (2018)


Laure Prouvost at IFFR

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