Knut Åsdam

Knut ÅSDAM (1968, Norway) was e.g. educated at the Jan van Eyck Academy. He has been active internationally for more than 15 years. Åsdam utilises sound, film, video, photography and architecture to investigate an individual's identity in relation to the change of contemporary society. His work often deals with themes such as dissidence and space in terms of desire, usage and history.


(selection) Come to Your Own (1993, short), Untitled: Skipping (1993, instal), Untitled: Pissing (1995, instal), Psychasthenia 2+2 (1998, instal), Cluster Praxis (2000, instal), Notes Towards a Dissipation of Desire (2001, instal), Filter City (2003, short), Blissed (2005, short), Finally (2006, short), The Care of the Self Finally Edit (2007, instal), Smooth City, Smooth Space (2007, instal), Picnoleptic City (Rotterdam Edit) (2007, instal), Oblique (2008, short), Abyss (2010, short), Tripoli (2010, short), Egress (2013, short)