Kim Kyung-Mook

KIM Kyung-Mook (1985, South Korea) dropped out of school at sixteen and went to Seoul. He made his directing debut in 2004 with the autobiographical short Me and Doll-Playing (2004). Faceless Things (2005) received a special mention in the Dragons and Tigers Award for Young Cinema competition in Vancouver. Stateless Things is his first feature longer than 65 minutes. Kim is also a journalist, critic and columnist.


Me and Doll-Playing (2004, short), Peace In Me (2005, short), Female Cats (2005, short doc), Memory of a Hair (2005, short), Eolgul eopnun geotdul/Faceless Things (2005), Cheonggyecheonui gae/A Cheonggyecheon Dog (2008), Sex/Less (2009, short, co-dir), Jultak dongshi/Stateless Things (2011)