Keith Sanborn

Keith SANBORN (1952, USA) is a New York-based theorist and media artist. He has been investigating the field of tension between public image and personal perception with film, photography, video and digital media since the late 1970s. His work has been the subject of solo exhibitions and has been included in art biennials and festivals. In more recent years, he has been a regular guest in Rotterdam with his films and installations. Sanborn has also been teaching at Princeton University and The New School in the United States.


(selection) The Deadman (1989, short), Semi-private sub-Hegelian Panty Fantasy (with sound) (2001, instal), history: theory: ecstasy: memory (2001, instal), Kritik an Reiner's Vernunft (2002, short), Operation Double Trouble (2003, short),V2N (2004, instal), Project for a New American Century (2007, short), Equivalences (2007, instal), Energy of Delusion (2010, instal), The Gillian Hills Trilogy (2013, instal), An Epilogue (2017, short)