Katia Kameli

Katia KAMELI (1973, France) received a postgraduate degree in New Media in 2003 from the School of Fine Arts in Marseille. Kameli’s work is closely linked to her personal experience of dual identities, exploring the ‘in-between’. She investigates intercultural spaces, intersecting identities and their construction through videos, photography, installations and drawings. Kameli lives and works in Paris.


(selection, all short) The Grass Is Always Greener on the Other Side (1999), Nouba (2000), Aicha (2001), Jumping in the Air (2002), Chill out Suit(e) (2002), Bledi a Possible Scenario (2006), Making Off - Bledi in Progress - (2007), Dislocation (2008), Dissolution (2009), Untitled (2011), The Storyteller (2012)