Katarina Jazbec

Katarina Jazbec

Still: Know Your Stones

Katarina JAZBEC (1991, Slovenia) is a Rotterdam-based visual artist. She graduated from the Faculty of Economics at the University of Ljubljana and holds an MA in Photography from St. Joost School of Art & Design. In 2016, she directed Our Bearings, a short film about reading with the female members of her family at a cave near her home village. She continued exploring her fascination with reading with inmates of a Belgian prison in Permeating Hearts (2018). Her short You Can’t Automate Me (2021) was the winner of the inaugural RTM Pitch and premiered at IFFR 2021. Know Your Stones (2023) is selected for IFFR 2024.


(all short) Our Bearings (2016), Permeating Hearts (2018, doc), You Can’t Automate Me (2021, doc), Know Your Stones (2023)

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