Karl Lemieux

Karl Lemieux

Karl LEMIEUX (1980, Canada) was educated in film in Montreal and has created several short films and film performances. He is co-founder (with Daïchi Saïto) of Double Negative, a film collective based in Montreal that focuses on the production and screening of experimental film. Lemieux has been performing with the band Godspeed You! Black Emperor since 2010. The film Shambles (2016) is his first feature-length narrative film. 


The Bridge (1998, short), KI (2001, short), Untitled - Silos (2003-2011, series, short), Chaos (2002, short), Monophobia (2003, short), Mouvement de lumière/Motion of Light (2004, short), Western Sunburn (2007, short), Passage (2008, short), Trash and No Star (2008, short, co-dir), Mamori (2009, short), Trains (2010, short), El Camino (2011, short), Quiet Zone (2015, short doc, co-dir), Maudite Poutine/Shambles (2016) [please note: for Untitled - Silos, I could only find this on the internet (http://www.incite-online.net/lemieuxone.html), which makes it seem like a short, not a series: Untitled – Silos 2003 - 2011, 3:20 minutes, black-and-white, Super 8mm to HD - JB]

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