Karissa Hahn

Karissa Hahn at IFFR

Karissa HAHN is a visual artist based in Los Angeles. She mainly works with film and video installations. Her work has been exhibited and screened worldwide in cinemas, galleries, and institutions. She received her BFA in Film & Video at California Institute of the Arts. Hahn currently works as a colorist at a film lab.


(selection) Re-log (2010, short), Sample Queen (2011, short), Startup (2012, short), Synch & Slip; Fracturing Frames (2013, instal), >>> search, - click (2014, short), Witnessing (2014, short), Becoming Painterly ((the Patience of an Impatience)) (2015, instal), Chipping Off, too (2015, short), in Flight Entertainment (2015, short), Inkjet 3056A (2015, instal), will start Chipping off, too.... (2016, instal), 1_ _ _ 1 & 1_/\_ _2 & 1_ _ _3 (2016, instal), BREAKROOM (2016, short), > (2016, instal), Reactolite Rapide (2016, instal), computer sky and self (2016, short), open window (2016, short), static noise developing; melting (2016, instal), NewsReal (2018, instal), Please step out of the frame. (2018, short)

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Karissa Hahn at IFFR

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