Karen Yasinsky

Karen Yasinsky at IFFR

Karen YASINSKY (1965, USA) is an artist working primarily with animation and drawing. She studied art history and mathemathics at Duke University in Durham and received a master's degree in painting from Yale University. Her video installations and drawings have been shown in many venues internationally and with her animations she was present at several film festivals worldwide.


(all short) Drop That Baby Again (1998), No Place Like Home #1 & 2 (1999), Fear (2001), Research of Time's Loss (2001), Still Life with Cows (2002), Boys (2002), Animal Behaviour (2003), Who's your true love? (2003), La matin (2007), La nuit (2008), I Choose Darkness (2009), Enough to Drive You Mad (2009), Marie (2010), This Room is White (2011), Pools of Shadow from an Older Sky (2011), Pathetic Magic (2011), Life is an Opinion, Fire a Fact (2012), Audition (2010), The Lonely Life of Debby Adams (2013), After Hours (2013), The Perpetual Motion of my Love for You (2015), The Man from Hong Kong (2016)

Karen Yasinsky at IFFR

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