Julia Parks

Julia Parks

Still: The Wool Aliens

Artist and filmmaker Julia PARKS focusses on the exploration of the relationships between landscapes, plants, people and industry. She mainly uses 16mm film, archival footage, poetry and song to create her experimental documentaries. Parks' short films have screened at festivals such as the Edinburgh International Film Festival, Brazier International Film Festival and the Open City Documentary Festival.


(all short) Solway Steel and Cyclamen (2019), The Girl Who Forgets How to Walk (2019), Workington Red (2019, doc), HAAF (2020, co-dir), Desig/Desire (2022, doc), Seaweed (2022, doc), All Grass is Flesh (2023), Tell me about the Burryman (2023), Burnfoot Grows (2023), The Wool Aliens (2023, doc)

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