Jonathan Culp

Jonathan CULP (Canada) is a filmmaker, curator, writer, musician and archivist. He maintains a large collection of analogue media (vinyl, 16mm, Super8), which he used to create A New Place to Dwell (2016), a feature film based on the recontextualisation of found footage. In total, he has over 40 short films and 2 features to his name, which have been exhibited in many unusual contexts. In addition to his filmmaking practice, he is a member of the Toronto band Broken Puppy and works as a film writer. He has had bylines in for many publications including Now Magazine, POV, Broken Pencil and his own Cinertia zine.


(selection) Bark (1995, short), Reproduction Prohibited (2009, short, co-dir), Taking Shelter (2014), A New Place to Dwell (2016), I Regret (2018, short)