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Jon JOST (1943, USA) grew up in Georgia, Japan, Italy, Germany and Virginia. After being kicked out of university, he started making 16mm films. In 1965, Jost was imprisoned for two years as a draft dodger. After his release, he became politically active as a New Left Cinema director. He has made over 60 features and short films, for most of which he also takes credit as writer, cinematographer and editor. Since 1996, Jost has filmed exclusively on digital video. He has made films in different forms, largely focusing on specific American topics. One of his most widely known films, All the Vermeers in New York (1990), won the Caligari Film Award at Berlinale.


Portrait (1963, short), Repetition (1963, short), Sunday (1963, short), Chalma (1964, short), City (1964, short), We Didn't Go to Unique's (1965, short), Judith (1965, short), Traps (1967, short), Leah (1967, short), 13 Fragments and 3 Narratives from Life (1969, short), Primaries (1969, short), A Turning Point in Lunatic China (1969, short), 1,2,3, Four (1969, short), Susannah's Film (1969, short), Canyon (1970, short), Flower (1970, short), Canyon (1970, short), Fall Creek (1970, short), A Man Is More Than the Sum of His Parts/ A Woman Is (1971, short), Primaries/A Turning Point in Lunatic China/1,2,3, Four (1971, short), Speaking Directly (some American notes) (1973), Angel City (1976), Last Chants for a Slow Dance (Dead End) (1977), Beauty Sells Best (1978, short), Chameleon (1978), X2: Two Dances by Nancy Karp (1980), Godard 80 (1980, short), Stagefright (1981), Psalm (1982), Slow Moves (1983), Bell Diamond (1985), Plain Talk and Common Sense (Uncommon Senses) (1988), Rembrandt Laughing (1988), Sure Fire (1990), All the Vermeers in New York (1990), Frame Up (1993), The Bed You Sleep In (1993), Uno a te, uno a me, et uno a Raffaele/One for You, One for Me and One for Raphael (1994), Albrechts Flügel/Albrecht's Wings (1994), London Brief (1997), Nas correntes de luz da ria formosa (1999), Muri Romani (1999), 6 Easy Pieces (1999), Dharma Do As Dharma Does (2000, short), Vera X 3 (2000, short), Watersong #1 (2000, short), Muri romani/Roman Walls (2000), Til Edvard (2001, short), Trinity (2002, short), Chhattisgarh Sketches (2003, doc), Oui non (2003), Homecoming (2004), Passages (2006), La lunga ombra/The Long Shadow (2006), Over Here (2008), Misteri bulkehan gurimja/Love in the Shadows (2008, co-dir), Parable (2008), AMTRAK (2009, short), Rant (2009), Swimming in Nebraska (2010), Dissonance (2011), Imagens de uma cidade perdida (2011), Stand (2012, short), Dead End (2012), The Narcissus Flowers of Katsura-Shima (2012), Coming to Terms (2013), They Had It Coming (2015), Blue Strait (2015)

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