John Barker

John Barker at IFFR

John BARKER (Durban, South Africa) qualified as a graphic designer in 1996 at ML Sultan in Durban. After a stint in stop-motion animation, Barker’s career took a new path: directing films. He has made various productions ranging from the comedy-sketch show The Pure Monate Show, to directing the South African Music Awards. In 2003, Barker produced and directed South Africa’s first music mockumentary Blu Cheez. Bunny Chow is his first feature film.


Rasta Dogs (1998, short), Lick (1999, short), Africon Mon (2000, short), Blu Cheez (2003), Untitled (2003, short), The Last Days of Anna van Storm (2004, short), Bunny Chow (2006)

John Barker at IFFR

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