Johanna Domke

Johanna Domke at IFFR

Johanna DOMKE (1978, Germany) was eductated in Fine Arts in Denmark and Sweden and works with film, video and photography. Her work is a cross-over between art and cinema with both a structural and socio-political approach. She is concerned with how images influence the course of history, the creation of meaning and the shaping of identity. Her work has been shown around the world.


(selection) Let the Wind Blow (2003, instal), You'll Miss What's Gonna Stay I (2004, instal), You'll Miss What's Gonna Stay I (2004, instal), A Sunset Takes 7 Minutes (2005, short), Unbreakable Space (2007, instal), Cuers (2008, short), Stultifera Garden (2009, short), Søen i Spejlet /The Lake in the Mirror (2010, short), 100 % Yün (2010, short), Untitled-Epilog (2011), Crop (2013, short doc, co-dir)

Johanna Domke at IFFR

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