Joe Lawlor

Joe LAWLOR (1963) and Christine Molloy (1965) form together the Desperate Optimists. They won the Prix UIP at Rotterdam 2008 for the short film Joy. The film is part of their Civic Life series of one takes, involving local community groups. Helen is the culmination of this series and their feature film début.


(Joe Lawlor) (all co-dir) Blipvert (1997, short), Bull (1998, short), Shot 7 (1999, short), Apt#801 (2000, short), No Motive (2000, short), London Framed (2002, short), Domestic (2002, short), Night Bus (2002, short), Device (2002, short), Catalogue (2003, short), Wirecrossing (2003, short), Civic Life (9 shorts): Who Killed Brown Owl (2004), Moore Street (2004), Revolution (2004), Twilight (2005), Town Hall (2005), Now We Are Grown Up (2005), Leisure Centre (2006), Daydream (2006), Joy (2008), Helen (2008)