Joëlle Desjardins Paquette

Joëlle DESJARDINS PAQUETTE (Canada) is a writer-director. Her films sail between humanist drama and black comedy. She was educated in film in Bordeaux, France and in Montréal, Canada. Her new short film Beyond Blue Waves (2016) is selected at IFFR 2016 in Rotterdam. In parallel to her work in cinema, Desjardins is involved in a variety of projects including directing in television and advertising.


(all short) Timbré (2007), Toc (2008), Test 118 (2008), Paparmane/Wintergreen (2011), Voir le ciel (2012), Apnées (2012), Sans dehors ni dedans/Within and Without (2013), Flots gris/Beyond Blue Waves (2016)