Jeremy Couillard

Jeremy Couillard

Jeremy COUILLARD (1980, USA) was educated in art at Michigan State University and Columbia University. The Brooklyn-based visual artist and animator is specialised in 3D animations, kinetic sculptures, 3D and 2D prints, paintings and installations. He also teaches New Media in New York.


(all short animation) Taxus Brevifola (2011), This Is What I Thought the Internet Would Be Like (2011), The Secret Adventure of Franz Mesmer (2011), Over and Over Again (2012), Black Hole Memory (2012), My Apocalypse Fantasy (2012), The Pristine Purlieu (2013), Every Day I Don’t Have to Eat Peanut Butter and Jelly Is a Great Day (2013), Mystical Beasts (2013), Sometimes (2013), Matinee in Atmos Village (2013), Cool (2013), My Time in the Cult of Melting Ancestors (2013), Floating Cyclops (2014), The Grass Eater (2014), The Bob Monroe 24/7 Out of Body Experience News Network (2014), The Art Handlers (2014), Cyclops Life Cycle (2014)

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