Jens Meurer

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Berlin-based filmmaker Jens MEURER (1963, Germany) first directed documentaries in the Soviet Union, South Africa, Israel and the USA, and then produced the Oscar-nominated The Last Station; Paul Verhoeven's Black Book; Russian Ark; and Carlos, which received a Golden Globe in 2011. Amongst others, he worked on Irvine Welsh's Filth with James McAvoy and Jamie Bell; Ron Howard's racing drama Rush; medieval thriller Black Death starring Sean Bean; and Big Game starring Samuel L. Jackson. In 1995 he was awarded the European Academy Award for his work, and his documentary about the Black Panther movement, Public Enemy (1999), premiered at the Venice Film festival. In 2013 he returned to directing documentaries like An Impossible Project (2020).


Das Letzte Jahr der Sowjetunion (1992, TV Series doc), Viva Stalin (1994, short), Egoli: My South African Home Movie (1997, doc), Jeckes (1998), Public Enemy (1999, doc), ARRI 100 (2017, doc), Magic Mountain (2018, doc), The Impossible Project (2020, doc)

Jens Meurer at IFFR

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