Jenny Perlin

Jenny PERLIN (1970, Williamstown, Massachusetts) studied Film and Cultural Studies at Brown University, completed her MFA in Film at the School of the Art Institute in Chicago, and followed postgraduate studies at the Whitney Independent Study Program in New York. Her 16mm films provide new goals for cultural, historical relics.


(all short) Nove Hranice/New Borders (1994), The Whole History of That (1998), Happy are the Happy (1999), Lost Treasures (1999), Dear Jim & Dick (1999), Eichsfeld (2000, co-dir.), From To Subject Date Reply (2000), The Very Last View (2000), Perseverance (2001), Capsules (2001), Rorsach (2002), View from Elsewhere (2002), Washing (2002), Schumann (2002), Perseverance & How to Develop it (2003), The United States in a Chaotic World (2003), All-American Dinner (2003), Review (2004), Sight Reading (2004), Possible Models (2004), Associated (2004), Transcript (2006), Notes (2006)