Jennifer Reeder

Jennifer REEDER (1971, USA) is a filmmaker, visual artist and assistant professor of Art and Design at the University of Illinois. Her feminist films narrate traumas, coincidences and landscapes. In 2014, Reeder's film A Million Miles Away got selected for a Tiger Award for Short Films in Rotterdam.


You Little Heartbreaker (1993), Deluxe Vacation (1994, short), The Devil Inside (1996, short), Natural Born Cocksuckers (1996, short), Law of Desire (1997, short), My Little Pretty (1998, short), Faster, Fastest (1998, short), Nevermind (1999, short), Johnny Take a Dive (1999, short), Lullaby (1999, short), The Secret History (1999, short), The Trick Is to Keep Breathing/Le tour est continuer la respiration (1999, short), God's Own Private Mystery (1999), Hide Inside Me Tonight (2000), No Known Enemies Are Eternal (2001, short), Twin Decks (2001, short), A Room with the Walls Blasted to Shreds and Falling (2001, short), A Double Image Both in Focus Simultaneously (2001, short), Skin Job (2002), Small Sleepy Driver and the Fountain of Blood (2002, short), Teenage Sex Angel and the Avalanche of Sorrow (2002, short), The Ex-Boyfriend and Other Impossible Pleasures (2002, short), Tiny Plastic Rainbow (2003), The Heart and Other Small Shapes (2006, short), Claim (2007, short), Accidents at Home and How They Happen (2008), Forevering (2009), And I Will Rise if Only to Hold You Down (2011, short), As with Knives and Skin (2012), Girls Love Horses (2013, short), A Million Miles Away (2014, short), Blood Below the Skin (2015, short)