Jem Cohen

Jem Cohen at IFFR

Jem COHEN (1962, Afghanistan) graduated from Wesleyan University in Connecticut in 1984. He is a New York-based film and video maker. His work has been built from his own ongoing archive of street footage, portraits and sound. Cohen has had retrospectives at the NFT in London, the Buenos Aires Independent Film Festival, the Gijon Film Festival in Spain and the Oberhausen Short Film Festival in Germany.


(selection) A Road in Florida (1983, short), Witness (1986, short), This Is a History of New York (1987, short), Just Hold Still (1989, short), What Does Away Mean? P.S.A. (1989, short), Mark’s Town (1989, short), Drink Deep (1991, short), Black Hole Radio (1992, instal), Nightswimming (1993, short), Buried in Light (1992, instal), Sun Project (1994, short), Lost Book Found (1996, short), Lucky Three (1997, short), Amber City (1999, short), Instrument: Ten Years with the Band, Fugazi (1998, doc), Blood Orange Sky (1999, short), Little Flags (2000, short), Waterfront Diaries: New York (2000, short), Nice Evening, Transmission Down (2001, short), Little Flags (2000, short), Benjamin Smoke (2000, co-dir), Georgia Thief (2002, short), The Foxx and Little Vic (2002, short), Cat Power Live: From Fur City (2002, short), Chain X Three (2004, instal), NYC Weights and Measures (2005, short), Blessed Are the Dreams of Men (2006, short), Building a Broken Mousetrap (2006, doc), Smells Like Teen Spirit (2007, short), Patti Smith: Long for the City (2008, short doc), Anne Truitt, Working (2009, short), Anecdotal Evidence (2009, short), Crossing Paths with Luce Vigo (2010, short), OWS Newsreels (1-5) (2011, short), Museum Hours (2013)

Jem Cohen at IFFR

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