Jason Cortlund

Jason CORTLUND (USA) is based in Brooklyn, New York. He studied film and writing at the University of Oregon and screenwriting at the University of Texas. He has been collaborating with Julia Halperin on short films, videos, and installations since 1996. They also worked as curators for the Cinematexas International Film Festival. Now, Forager (2012) is their first feature film.


Texas Pawn (1998, short, co-dir), Superdoll (2000, short, co-dir), Decked (2001, instal, co-dir), Nightstand (2003, short, co-dir), Fissures (2005, instal, co-dir), There's No Disappointment in Goat Cheese (2006, short, co-dir), Who Are Parents Are People (2006, short, co-dir), Interstate (part one) (2006, short, co-dir), Interstate (part two) (2007, short, co-dir), Now, Forager (2012, co-dir)