Jan Ijäs

Jan IJÄS (1975, Finland) is a filmmaker and media artist, who lives and works in Helsinki. His works regularly deal with serious and difficult social themes and are often shown as an installation. Ijäs's films have been shown at several film festivals worldwide, and in museums and galleries.


(all short) The Surftones - Sportinghouse (2004), Ode To Joy (national anthem of EU) (2005), Dancing Nazi Skinheads (2005), KIDS MOVIE (2005), A Film for Three Men and Industrial Elevator (2005), Eläkeläiset 10th Anniversary Humppamarathon (2005), Spectacle (2006), Sweet Mov(i)e (2010), Bodybuilding (2010), Two Islands (2012), Solitude in Year Zero (2013), One Shot (2015), Waste no. 2 Wreck (2016), Time Capsule (2016), Social Connection (2016), Waste no. 1 Money (2017), Waste no. 3 Boom (2017), Waste no. 5 The Raft of the Medusa (2017), On the Art of the Set Design (2018), Helsinki Acts (2019), Waste No. 4 New York, New York (2020)