Jan Frederik Groot

Jan Frederik GROOT (1959) studied communication sciences at the University of Amsterdam, and Art History and Audio Visual Design at the Utrecht School of Arts. With Anna Abrahams he founded The Rongwrong Foundation. Together they make experimental films and documentaries since 1989.


Bouwen voor het licht/Building The Van Nelle Factories 1917 - 1933 (1991, short doc, co-dir), Simultane stad/ Simultaneous City (1994, short, co-dir), Aantekeningen uit het ondergrondse/Notes from the Underground (1998, short doc, co-dir), Resort (2000, short, co-dir), Machine-oog/Machine Eye (2000, short, co-dir), Roeien/Rowing (2003, short, co-dir), Nul graden (2003, short, co-dir), Null X (2004), DIY (2009, instal, co-dir)