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Trained as a graphic designer, self-taught film maker James LEE (1973, Malaysia) began directing for the theatre before venturing into video and film making. Since 2001, when he directed his first fiction film Snipers, he has been a prolific film maker. He has also produced Amir Muhammad’s award-winning documentary The Big Durian (2003) and Ho Yuhang’s Sanctuary (2004). Lee also works as a director of photography for many independent shorts and features. His short film Gerhana is part of 15Malaysia (2009), an omnibus film that consists of 15 short films by 15 Malaysian film makers.


Ah Yu´s Story (1998, short), Think Positive! (1999, short), Survivor (1999, short), Sunflowers (2001, short), Snipers (2001), Beautiful Man (2001, short), Ah Beng Returns (2001), Emu Kwan´s Tragic Breakfast (2002, short), 6horts #1Lost (2002, short), 6horts #2 (2002), Room to Let (2002), Goodbye (2003, short), Teatime with John (2003, short), The Beautiful Washing Machine (2004), Goodbye to Love (2004, short), Visits: Hungry Ghosts Anthology: Waiting for Them (2004), A Moment for Love (2005, short), Bernafas dalam lumpur (2005, short), Nian ni ru xi/Before We Fall in Love Again (2006), Dang wo men tong zai yi/ Things We Do When We Fall in Love (2007), Waiting for Love (2007), Bernafas dalam lumpur/ Breathing in Mud (2008, TV), Histeria (2008), Call If You Need Me (2009), 15Malaysia (2009, omnibus film)

James Lee at IFFR

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