Izuchi Kishu

Izuchi Kishu at IFFR

IZUCHI Kishu (1968, Japan) made his start in film making by writing scenarios for pink films (Japanese erotic films). He is the founder of the movie production group Spiritual Movies, has made several independent films and wrote screen plays for e.g. Hysteric (Zeze Takahisa). This film was screened at the Rotterdam Film Festival in 2000.


The House #1(1992), Hundred Years of Desperate Singing (1998), The Friend of Wim Wenders (2000), Left Alone 1 (2005, doc), Left Alone 2 (2005, doc), Lazarus: Episode 0 The House of The Rising Sun (2007), Lazarus: Episode 1 The Pale Horse (2007, short), Lazarus: Episode 2 The Replicated Ruin (2007)

Izuchi Kishu at IFFR

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